Used Machines for Sale or Exchange

Cincinnati Replacement Parts & Technologies (RPT) Buys/Sells/Trades all types of used machine tools; grinders, machining centers, lathes, mills, presses, brakes shears, etc. Whether adding additional capacity or disposing of surplus equipment; we service, support and market your used equipment.

  • Used Equipment – we will locate the right machine for the job
  • Factory Certify – Put the machine under power, test, evaluate, repair or remanufacture, warranty, we work to ensure the machine is operational when installed.
  • “Like-Kind-Exchange” – The IRS says that you can trade-in a machine tool, in exchange for a machine tool – Consult with Cincinnati RPT representative on how to eliminate your tax implications.
  • Locate & Market – Do you have time to roam around looking at used equipment or market your surplus, probably not. Cincinnati RPT will handle your requirements.