Machine Assessment & Process Evaluation

Do you have a strategy for your aging equipment?

Many companies are now faced with the dilemma of aging equipment; how much money do you put into older equipment? Maintenance and down time are expensive, controls are obsolete, the cost and lead time of new is almost cost prohibitive, the list goes on.

Cincinnati RPT’s Simultaneous Engineering evaluates all the factors that help in the decision process, it prepares a strategy. As a partner, we tailor a program to meet your needs. We assess the alternatives, the result of which is a report that outlines your options:

  • Machine Evaluation
  • Process Evaluation & Process Improvement
  • Equipment Optimization – We engineer the equipment for your application, not what the builder has on the shelf. Custom screens for your operators, long term support, automation, upgrade to meet new regulations, etc.
  • Price comparisions – New vs. Remanufactured equipment alternatives.
  • Program Manage Timelines – A dedicated project manager will provide updates and follow time lines to ensure your start of production

Cincinnati RPT understands equipment from the operator’s viewpoint – flexibility, as well as management’s return on investment. Our goal is to make each machine easy to run and capable of meeting today’s demands for quality, productivity, reliability, & maintainability – at an affordable price.


Field Service & Technical Support

When your equipment is down – call or contact Cincinnati RPT we’ll get you back in production quickly – serving the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. We’ll get you up and running whatever-it-takes.

Sometimes a diagnostic can be made over the phone, contact Cincinnati RPT for technical support.


Certified & Knowledgable Technicians

Cincinnati Replacement Parts & Technologies (RPT) technicians are factory certified. When you call us, we won’t pass the buck and give you an answer that leaves you asking why you called. At Cincinnati RPT, our technicians are long-time machine tool builders who know what it takes to properly repair a piece of equipment.

  • Technical support over the phone
  • Field Support Service
  • On site training – “The Principles of Grinding Technologies”
  • With over 30,000 parts in stock, we offer immediate shipment for overnight delivery.
  • Cincinnati RPT Techs understand electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, programming, and fundamental machine tool principals we know how to get you running and keep you running.


Equipment Inspection

Inspecting and Evaluating 
your current equipment is a critical step. Our trained technicians inspect your current equipment to identify root cause problems with equipment that doesn’t work or is not process capable.

RPT provides complete documentation to support each piece of equipment and project we undertake. You gain complete control and responsibility for each machine’s reliability, repeatability, and maintainability. Our team is an extension of your team – you benefit from Cincinnati RPT’s experts in Electrical, Mechanical, and Application Engineering.

Our Inspection Reports feature calculations to describe Original Spec capabilities of your equipment vs. Current condition for items like –

  • Throughput or Cycle Time
  • Productivity
  • Tolerances

The result is proven ROI for Replacement Parts, Component Upgrade & Machine Retrofit, Machine Rebuild & Machine Upgrade and Machine Remanufacture based on improvements in the 3 key measures listed above.

RPT is a hands-on company built with knowledgeable, experienced Rebuilders who’ve spent -lots of time on shop floors operating Grinding, Turning and Milling machines.


Choose Cincinnati RPT to Evaluate Your Equipment and Build Your Capital Strategy