Coolant Filtration Services

Do you have a strategy for your Custom Filtration Systems?

  • Gravity Bed Filtration
  • Magnetic Chip Conveyor
  • Machining Center
  • Chip Drag/Coolant tank.
  • Cyclonic Filtration
  • Centrifuge Filter
  • Magnetic In-Line Filters
  • For Coolant/Oil and machine hydraulics

Custom filters are modular in design. We utilize proven components to design your system based upon the application requirements.

The “Gravity Bed Filters” are custom built with various features designed to meet your application requirements.

The following features are optional:

  • Separator:  Paper filtration 25-Micron
  • Pumps:  (2) Pumps
  • Paper:  Rolls of paper.
  • Magnetic:  Available with or without magnetic separator.
  • Electrics:  As required
  • Separator:  Oil / water automatic separator.
  • Coolant agitator:  Air line agitates coolant when not in use.
  • Chiller:  Chiller for temperature control of coolant   *available with or without chiller


Customized Pumpback Units

From Concept Sketches to Module Designs for versatility to Completed Systems

  • Dry Pumpback
  • Coolant Filtration
  • Magnetic Filtration
  • Hi-Pressur Pumps
From Concept – Engineered Design – To Completion

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Featured Components

Custom filters are modular in design. We utilizing proven components to design into your system based upon the application – available in different sizes.

Gravity Bed Filtration Systems
Gravity Bed Filtration Systems
XYGL Paper & Magnetic Temperature Controlled Filtration System


Comb SeparatorComb Separator
Ideal for heavy dirt load applications.


 height=XYLP Series Chip Conveyor (Hinged Belt Type)


Centrifuge FilterCentrifuge Filter – Synthetically spins the coolant through a screen


Magnetic SeparatorMagnetic Separator


Oil SkimmerOil Skimmer


Oil & Coolant SeparatorOil & Coolant Separator


Bag FiltersBag Filters


Paper RollsPaper Rolls


XYCG Roller Conveyor (Magnet Type)XYCG Roller Conveyor (Magnet Type)


XYCP Series Chip Conveyor (Magnet Type)